Shane Scott - Gingerbread House

Shane Scott
Gingerbread House


First Appeared in The Music Box, February 2005, Volume 12, #2

Written by Joseph O. Patton


Scarcely more than a year after Shane Scott pierced the indie music scene with All Over Now, the Cullman, Alabama native has returned with Gingerbread House, a very laudable sophomore effort that builds upon the self-branded, "sophisticated pop" of his solo debut. In a recent interview, Scott mentioned that he has spent the bulk of his time between outings learning how to operate an array of studio gadgets, and it shows. In handling all of the production responsibilities himself for his new album, Scott has added another keen spoke in his wheel of diverse talent, thereby enabling him to preserve the exact intent of his songs.


Both the yet-to-be-released tune Deep Inside of Me as well as Gingerbread House’s Heaven in You recently made a huge splash in VH-1’s Song of the Year Songwriting Contest, but Scott seemingly shrugs off the accolades in a show of modesty. Instead, he states that he is focused upon improving his own songwriting and production process, quipping, "The most important ingredient is patience — patience to keep doing it over and over until you get it just right." Impressively, Scott’s music consistently appears to evolve, and he doesn’t seem content to saunter haphazardly through the creative and performing aspects of his chosen career. He’s taken advice from Chris Trevett (a producer, mixer, and songwriter who has assisted superstar acts like Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys), and he has undergone some vocal fine-tuning at a noted studio in Atlanta — all in an effort to improve his abilities.

As Scott observes of his opus, Gingerbread House embraces an upbeat brand of pop, and his happier demeanor is apparent immediately. While All Over Now held a tinge of bitterness, the selections on his latest outing are a bit more lighthearted and fun. Although Scott’s lyrics are simple and straightforward, they manage to traverse a wealth of emotions from the lost love of Down Again to the witticisms of Garbage Under Your Sink to the passion and excitement of Holding On. Accompanying himself on instruments that range from piano to guitar to mandolin, Scott’s achievements solidly underscore the progression and diversification of his immense talent. starstarstar ˝


Joseph O. Patton is the editor and publisher of the Capital City Free Press,
published in Montgomery, Alabama.



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