The Sun - Love & Death

The Sun
Love & Death

(Warner Bros.)

First Appeared at The Music Box, April 2003, Volume 10, #4

Written by John Metzger


Love & Death, The Sunís recently released EP, opens with the crash-and-burn explosiveness of Fell So Hard, a potent two-minute maelstrom of Clash-like rage. Two songs later, the muscular, angst-ridden title track emerges, blurring the line between the Sex Pistols, Them, and early efforts by The Who. "Still," you say, "Whatís the big deal? After all, this ground has been tread recently by The Hives, The Vines, The Strokes, and the White Stripes."

Well, the reason to care is this: The Sunís six-song debut was produced by former Wilco sound sculptor Jay Bennett, who turns the band into more than just another garage rock revival project. He tweaks and tinkers with the amplification, pushing the music towards a distorted frenzy of frenetic thunder, while maintaining its underlying propulsive groove. Elsewhere, Rockstop churns eerily as bells, whistles, and guitars drift about in a psychedelically hazy swirl, sounding like an Americanized version of the late í80s/early í90s Manchester scene that spawned the Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets, and the Happy Mondays. But just when one least expects it, the band shifts gears dramatically, unleashing Eyelids Apart, a gently lilting acoustic ballad that draws heavily from Wilcoís alt-country pop.

Obviously, thereís quite a bit to The Sun, and one doubts that the six songs that comprise Love & Death come anywhere close to showcasing all of the bandís possibilities. In other words, this collection is more a nifty appetizer than a full meal, but oneís palate will surely be whetted. starstarstar

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