First Appeared in The Music Box, December 2004, Volume 11, #12

Written by Brad Podray


ViV has revolutionized music, and stores across the country, soon enough, will be forced to add sections specifically geared toward similar ensembles attempting to emulate the immense success of Coldplay. With its sophomore effort Flawed, the group has pushed the boundaries of conventional rock to create its own sub-genre: dull pop for married couples. For the most part, the album is full of slow, melodic tunes, all of which contain the same obsequious lyrical themes peddled by pop-rock acts, but unlike its idols, ViV lacks innovation within its song-writing scheme.


Each track on Flawed is sickeningly sweet, and each hook-filled chorus is repeated, for better or for worse, just enough times to lodge itself within the head of the listener. Taken at face value, Friends seems well-suited for mindless jamming in the car while on the way to the beach, but within a few moments it becomes grating beyond belief. Faring better are Suffer, which demonstrates ViVís competency at penning easy-going rock with soothing vocals, and Green, which features some nicely chilled-out instrumentation as well as backing strings that help to emphasize the emotional nature of the song. To the groupís credit, it at least committed to a certain sound on Flawed, which is more than can be said for a great many indie rock bands, but in the end, its 9-track opus is utterly remiss of any sense of edge. Although shades of something better linger within its songs, the list of ensembles more successfully mining the same territory is lengthy. In other words, ViVís strong desire to be Coldplay doesnít make up for its lack of talent. starstar Ĺ


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