Brady Rymer - Every Day Is a Birthday

Brady Rymer
Every Day Is a Birthday

(Bumblin' Bee)

First Appeared in The Music Box, February 2006, Volume 13, #2

Written by John Metzger


Constantly on tour with his band From Good Homes, Brady Rymer didnít get to enjoy fully the first few years of his son Gusí life. Viewing the groupís dissolution as an opportunity to find some semblance of balance between his family and his career, he subsequently ventured into the challenging, but no less rewarding, business of making music for children. Although his debut Good Morning, Gus was a tad tentative, Rymer since has refined his approach, and his growth is evident throughout his fourth endeavor Every Day Is a Birthday. Much like his previous outings, Rymer playfully merges together a diverse array of styles in order to craft songs that can be enjoyed by parents and kids alike, but never before has he sounded quite as confident or comfortable delivering them. On the opening track Rock ínĎ Roll Mother Goose, he giddily sings, "Mary had a little amp and a guitar white as snow," thereby setting the stage for the rest of the affair. In spewing his tales of tired parents (Keep Up with You) and easily distracted kids (Dilly Dally Daisy), a similar sense of silliness abounds, and Rymer facilely commingles the sweetness of soul-pop with driving beats, bucolic back porch refrains, and even a lyrical nod to the Rolling Stones. Along the way, he also succeeds in teaching the power of imagination as well as the importance of friends, family, and community. While those traversing similar terrain have meant well, their efforts largely have been filled with ditties that are condescendingly saccharine. Rymer is one of the few performers who gets it right and treats kids with the respect that they deserve. starstarstarstar


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