Now It's Overhead - Fall Back Open

Now It's Overhead
Fall Back Open

(Saddle Creek)

First Appeared in The Music Box, September 2004, Volume 11, #9

Written by T.J. Simon


Now Itís Overhead is the Athens, Georgia-based outlet for Bright Eyesí touring member Andy Lemaster, who handles vocals, guitars, keyboards, and percussion on his bandís sophomore effort Fall Back Open. Clearly influenced by both Depeche Mode and Radiohead, the ensemble concocts a few terrific moments on this otherwise mundane outing. Noteworthy tracks include The Decision Made Itself with its sparse Celtic instrumentation and Wait in a Line, which showcases U2-style guitar work. Michael Stipe (R.E.M.) contributes solid backing vocals to Antidote, while Saddle Creek label-mates Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) and Azure Ray lend their assistance elsewhere. The main problem with Fall Back Open, however, is that, with few exceptions, itís not a particularly exciting or enticing record. Due to the heavy usage of keyboards, its arrangements have a tendency to become a bit overcrowded, although it also avoids becoming a grating or self-indulgent affair. Given Now Itís Overheadís influences, this is no small feat. starstarstar

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