The Blow - Paper Television

The Blow
Paper Television


First Appeared in The Music Box, November 2006, Volume 13, #11

Written by Natalie Minchillo


Those who enjoy watching paint dry or counting the number of bricks that compose the wall of a building might want to take a pass on The Blow’s latest endeavor Paper Television. It’s much too fun. With its simple melodies and amusing beats, the outing undeniably will keep listeners entertained. Although the group borrows — sometimes not so subtly — from the past, the album provides a much needed break from the heavier sounds that increasingly are being constructed by indie outfits everywhere.

Pile of Gold, the lead-off track on Paper Television, begins innocently enough, but with lyrics like "all the girls are sitting on a pile of gold" and "some boys will try to push the prices down," The Blow craftily explains the economy of sex while fitting its complicated theory inside a lighthearted arrangement. On the subsequent Parentheses, the band colors its hopelessly romantic ruminations with a touch of sarcasm.

As far as the quality of the music is concerned, The Blow obviously isn’t fronted by a professionally trained singer, nor does the group employ any intricate instrumental techniques. Yet, there’s beauty to be found within the anonymity of Khaela Maricich’s voice, and the manner in which she delivers the songs is what makes Paper Television so easy to remember. starstarstarstar

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